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December 07, 2021

by Michael Sherman

The weather up until U2 took the stage was perfect, so of course I left my rain coat in the hotel... I managed to get in the inner-circle, over on Adam's side. After a really dynamic show with the crowd really into it the night before, I think the band knew this would be a fun show. The rain started, but nobody seemed to care and embraced it for a really loose, fun show. North Star and Mercy were welcome additions (btw, North Star was soundchecked with the full band, so maybe we'll hear that soon enough). At the end, there was some lightning, and the rain was absolutely pouring, so they didn't leave the stage for the second encore and skipped Hold Me and WIth Or Without You, going right into Moment of Surrender to end the show. Overall VERY fun, the crowd in the circle was fantastic, and the band all looked like they had a great time.

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