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by Tim

I can begin by saying that this tour should've been titled The FlopMart Tour.
I didn't come to see an overly produced
Broadway show, I came to see a concert.
What I got for $70 was a great opening band
that played their hearts out with no bass in the sound mix. Then U2 finally appears on
the left side of the stage, looking as if they had come from Uranus. Bono was pathetically dressed in a boxer style robe,
acting the part of a boxer as he walked onto
the huge stage. I was glad they began with
the great 'Pop Muzik' mix and then worked their way into Mofo, a great techno change
from what we're used to hearing from the band. As the show wore on, I became more
disappointed, especially during Staring At
The Sun. As Bono began to sing, he was completely off key. Egde and Adam looked at
one another wondering what the hell Bono's
problem was. Then Bono stops the song just
as it starts and says to the unimpressed
crowd of roughly 33,000 {in a stadium that
seats close to 60,000} and says 'I can stop this song if I want!'. 'This isn't a f**king Broadway show!!!'. Well, you could've fooled me! It seems that the band's attitude, especially Bono's, was not to please us, but to make asses of themselves in front of thousands of fans as if this was actually
a Broadway show. Terrible show. If PopMart had been on Broadway, it wouldn't have lasted
a week. At one point, Bono got mad that the
massive video screen wasn't working and he ordered his crew to turn it off. Thank you!
Most of us weren't impressed with being forced to watch cartoons on an oversized
piece of sh*t while listening to live versions of songs being played half-assed!

The only cool things about this show...
Rage Against The Machine's great performance, U2's lighting, and the huge mirrored Lemon.

Way to go guys! Now you've learned what money, fame, and failure really feel like!!

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