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by Kelly Jones

I did not see any reviews for this show so I thought I would add one. This was my third U2 show and I was 18 years old at the time. 20 years ago, wow! I drove up with about five friends from San Diego. The seats we had were, without a doubt, the worst seats I've had at a concert. We were about 66 rows above the field. It also rained during the show. Having said that, we still had a great time. They lit the Olympic torch for the show. Everyone was standing and singing along to everything, even that far up, and it was great seeing U2 again. I had seen them in the spring in San Diego during my senior year in high school. Thinking of this show just brings back so many memories of being 18 and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Just having fun and being totally into music. I remember hearing in the weeks before the show that U2 were starting to do songs like "Help" and other cover songs during the fall tour so I was really anticipating that. They did not do "Help" that night. The set was a fairly "basic" Joshua Tree tour set. I remember them playing "One Tree Hill" and I thought that was great. They had the mirror ball out for that one. They also did "People Get Ready" which I had not heard them do live before and the guy Bono invited on the stage to play tried handing him a demo tape. The giant Joshua Tree stage was impressive. I remember seeing the band members walking down the huge set of white stairs at the back of the stadium to the stage before the show started. I the opening bands, Steve Jones and the Pretenders were good. I remember the Pretenders had Johnny Marr on guitar and they played "Room Full of Mirrors" by Jimi Hendrix. Steve Jones invited some girl up to scream into the microphone for "Anarchy in the UK."

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