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by Mark Kennedy

This was my first U2 concert and still this most memorable. We bought tickets at the arena and walked in. That never happened again. What first struck me was the desperation, the abosolute need of Bono to physically connect with the audience. people would come on the stage and instead of being quickly rushed offstage by bouncers he would engage them, dance with them. At one point he had a boy of 8 or 9 on his shoulders singing a song. Then the ultimate; during Electric Co, he shows up on the loge level with the large white flag and is literally fighting his way through the crowd. He shimmies his way on the outside of the balcony and has two bouncers lower him over the edge and drop him into the crowd! there were no risers on the floor, only general admission. His fall is stopped by no more than three individuals. then he is passed forward through the crowd, all the while talking and singing to the crowd. He finally makes it to the stage and proclaims, "you've had me, now leave me alone". I turn to my friend and say "that is the bravest man in the world or the stupidest".

The show was high energy from the start. This was when they were out to prove they were the best band in the world. And on that night, they clearly were. U2 has grown in song writing, scope and vision over the years, but they were never again this desperate to prove themselves, or to make that personal connection with their audience, and in some ways never better.

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