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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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This was a memorable experience for me. We all loved U2 ever since Boy. I will follow was like an anthem for me and my friends. I remember seeing and hearing the Alarm for the first time. I thought they were great and their look was unique. They wore suede jackets reminiscent of Daniel Boone - you know with fringes hanging down from the arms. "Make A Stand" was awesome. Of course I remember Bono hanging off the loge toward the back of the arena on the right side and then jumping down. I couldn't believe it! How cool he was especially for me being an aspiring young rocker myself. I'll never forget how I was basically in the front on the corner of the stage being crushed. I felt like my ribs were going to break. I was not like concerts today where they'll keep several feet between you and the stage. I was being crushed on the corner of the stage! So I got help from the people around me who basically threw me up on the stage. I got a few feet from Bono. While was still trying to stand up straight on my feet I was grabbed by two guys and rushed to the side of the stage and thrown down a metal stairway. How I didn't break my neck I don't know. That was cool!

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