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by Vladamir Obarakanov

Me and my wife, Malaereae, traveled from the Ukraine for this show. We took our sons, Limbosto and Viti, as well.

Kids were in the rain, soaked with water. We had rain coats with us, so we were okay.

Kids did not know older music, but Moment of Surrender is very popular in Ukraine. Kids were singing along. Bono looks very fit; Edge looks like a pretty man. Larry Mullen Jr has a very nice body.

Wife enjoyed With or Without You and Pride. I liked all the songs, even Pride. I normally don't like that song live.

Anyway, we will take the kids with us to Athens because we have never been there.

I think there were too many police at the show. My kids were very alarmed. My wife held them as we entered the grounds. More alarming is that we saw Paul Mcguiness. I am not one to make comments about appearance, but he is a very smart man but a very fat man.

Long live U2

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