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by jj

overall great show. tons of energy. the garden was electric. overall great setlist, but unfortunately its too predictable. my only real gripe with last night (but really more so with this tour) is that, with the exception of gone and the fly, there are no surprises. the concert is more of a show than an actual concert. there doesn't seem to be any room for the band to spontaneously play 'under the radar' type songs. i would die (actually just pay a lot more money) to hear 'one tree hill', sort of homecoming', 'hawkmoon', 'trying to throw your arms around the world', 'god part 2', 'in gods country' etc. i'm not even asking for 'elvis presely in america', 'zooropa' or 'so cruel' which were really never played live - i'm just asking for songs that have been played live and that can still be played live. instead of playing half-assed versions of 'bad' and 'msyterious ways' play something else (under 5 minute versions of those 2 songs should be illegal). this band runs very deep, but you can't tell from this tours' setlist. also, where's 'when i look at the world' and 'grace' from the new album? i'm hoping on the extended leg of the tour they shake it up a bit.

to end on a positive - the new intro to 'the fly' was bone chiling, as were the new ending lyrics to 'bullet'. desire was excellent, although they need to plug that song back in and belt it out already. i also liked it when bono stuck himself to the big screen at the end of the 'fly' - like a fly on a wall. if i were bono i'd do that too.

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