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by Brian

What a letdown.

The band was unbelievable. The staging and heart lighting effects were breathtaking. "Out Of Control" and "11 o' Clock" were mindblowing (not to mention that they were played back to back)! "In A Little While" being played for Joey Ramone's mother and brother (who were there), Daniel Lanois' surprise appearance during "Stuck In A Moment", the dramatic new ending to "Walk On"--all phenomenally beautiful. PJ Harvey's set was killer, too.

So what's my problem?

I haven't seen this band since ZooTV in 1992. My sister has never seen them, and has been waiting for over ten years to do so. We spent close to $300 through Propaganda for golden circle tickets (she felt she was a little too short to handle GA). Needless to say, anticipation was high.

Instead of being able to enjoy the show, we had to put up with drunken idiots who decided to carry on the most idiotic conversations throughout the entire performance. These clowns were even yelling into their cell phones ("collect call from BONE-O!!! HA HA HA", etc.). Finally, I asked them if they wouldn't mind keeping it down--I was trying to listen to the music. The guy starts yelling at me to calm down (?). He was more than ready to pick a fight, so all I could do was try to ignore them. You can't reason with people when they're acting like that. They calmed down for a few songs, but started up again during the encores. I was so unbelievably angry, and felt so unbelievably helpless. The Elevation Tour has a powerful sound system. Suddenly it didn't matter.

I've been reading the tour reviews for months, listening to mixes made from the setlists...I was more than ready to be elevated. I looked down at the giant illuminated heart and tried to lose myself in the show, but my neighbors' incessant yammering robbed me of the intangible something I've waited so long for. My sister was crushed...hopes built really high from the exciting footage shown during the NBA finals. Hopefully they'll be back in NYC this fall. Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy the show this time.

Why on earth would people spend that much money on a concert only to ignore it? Not to mention ruin it for others?? ARGH!

If anyone has a decent recording of this show, PLEASE drop me a line. I'd like another chance to be able to hear the music.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Brian :-(

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