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by Stephen Demmer

To start things off on a light note,My freind and I saw "Carrot Top" walking araound the halls off the "Garden" last night. Right away it alerted us to the overflow of the "Hollywood" elite on hand....Anyway, the show was insane...They only have two more concerts left on this leg of the U.S. tour....so do whatever it takes to get tickets {It is well worth it}....The highlights for me were "Mysterious Ways", "Streets", "One",...and of course "Carrot Top"....Daniel Lanois was on hand and sat in for "Stuck in a moment"...Also, Joey Ramones parents were in the house and Bono made notice of it {it was very sweet and very nice}...They sang "I remember you"...and also "In a little while"...{both dedicated to Joey..}...The place bounced, the place jumped, the place went totally nuts....{What a show!!!!!!}...Also, They sang "Bad"...No "Stay",but "Bad"!!!!!!

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