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by RossMan

Take Sunday's show, mutiply it by a thousand, and you still won't come close to how awesome this show was!

Let me start at the beginning...
I just wanted say that everyone in the GA line up was absolutely great! To all the people I meet in line (I was the one with the A Celebration shirt), thanks for make 6 hours go by very easily! Oh, yeah... all of us in the GA line were not allowed to sit!

After the GA line was let in, I chose the the railing outside the heart. While I was standing there, I noticed this guy with a backpack, baseball hat and black wavy hair, just walking around. It was Daniel Lanois. So I went over and said hi and shook his hand. He was very nice and no else seem to recognize him.

While, waiting for PJ Harvey, this old guy who was really hairy (seriously!), comes up next to me and starts bragging that he snuck in and didn't have a ticket or wrist band.
Needless to say, I didn't like this guy standing next to me none too much. So, I turned to the guy and said "I'm sorry, but I just STOOD for 6 hours to get here, so forgive me for not patting you on the back." He left 10 minutes later, and security caught him, and escorted him out!

As for the show, well, I have been waiting my entire U2 concert going life to hear Out Of Control. When I heard the first note, I was in heaven! Then follow that with 11 O'Clock...?!!!! JOYTASTIC!!!! Then during Bad, when Bono goes "Ohhh" then holds the mic out for the audience to sing back, "Ohhhh", he stops in front of me, looks at me and keeps pushing the mic down towards me. I don't think I could scream "ohhhh" any louder!
Looking straight into his eyes as he looked into mine, I never saw him sing was such passion and emotion. It was Incredible!!!!!!!!!!

Bono said later, that it felt like a hometown gig. And that we might be seeing a lot more of them soon. Hmmmm... indicating a return in the fall????

I just want to say to the other fans that were next to me during the show...
Thanks for making a great show greater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On to NJ... This one is gonna be hard to top!!!
See You Friday!!!!!!!!!!!


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