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by catherine

So, this was my first U2 show ever (I seem to have hit upon a good one!) I figure that since I was 2 when they first started touring, this being my first show is acceptable, because it took me just about 19 years to save up enough money for the tickets. ;)

With that said, this show was unbelievably incredible. I really thought the show was going to suck, especially during PJ Harvey's set (she herself was good) because my seats were in a different zipcode. Really, I've never been to a show that rented binoculars. So when I saw PJ's butt from six miles away, I was disheartened... I just didn't know how the show could possibly be good for me when I was sitting in what I think could have been legally called Jersey.

But good lord, when they got on stage.. I can't even think of words strong enough. Blown away or floored doesn't do it justice. I have never seen a band take more control of thousands of people than Bono. It was incredible, the amount of stage presence that man has got. When he looked in the general direction of section 326, I felt as if he was staring right into us, even with us being 17 miles away.

I'm pretty happy the first time I saw them was on this more low key tour. I don't see how they had all the stage theatrics for pop and zootv... they could make the place explode with a flishlight hanging down from the ceiling. And the setlist.. wow. I may be a newbie fan, but I know that setlist was jaw dropping impressive. All the songs were great, but my personal highlight has to be seeing With or Without You played live for the first time (call me sentimental, but its the first song I consciously remember loving at the tender age of 7.. I had it on tape and I would play it on my little green plastic tape deck over and over again until one day, the tape finally broke. :( God, am I young or what? ;)

Last night's show was just incredible. Sunday Bloody Sunday was so good, I was almost brought to tears. This broke 19 year old is incredibly happy she saved enough cash to see what will probably be one of the greatest shows she's ever seen. :)


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