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by Steve

My 2nd show of the Vertigo Tour (first being the Philly show last week) and it was another fine show by the boys. I sat in the very last row all the way up top to the side of the stage and all I have to say is that the worst seats at a U2 concert are still better than the best seats at any other concert. It's hard to beat U2 on a Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. I won't go and break down each song, but it was pretty much the standard group of songs though they ended it with an encore of Vertigo. It did seem that the crowd was expecting "40" at the end but didn't get it. Some people have been knocking the boys this tour, but, I think those people have seen a lot of their shows, tonight, I had the pleasure of sitting next to 2 people who saw U2 for the very first time and to see the way their eye's lit up and the energy they had for the show, made it feel like it was my first U2 show and it energised me completely. For all those that at times are disappointed, always think of the people that are seeing them for the first time, and bring yourselves back to your first show ever and you'll feel completely re-engerized for the greatest band on earth.

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