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by Erik

For my 9th and final Vertigo gig, and the finale of U2's superhuman run of shows at the Garden, I was expecting fireworks. I think it's safe to say we got firecrackers, instead.

Don't get me wrong, the boys were in fine form, musically. Electric Co. was utterly..well...electric. And Until the End of the World is totally high-octane (with Bono's full-on sprint trying to chase down Edge).

But we expect, perhaps unfairly, more out of U2. First off, the setlist was exactly the same as Monday's show (save for Electric vs. IWF). And then, of course, the confusing let-down that was Instant Karma. What the hell happened? Did Patti Smith piss someone off? I couldn't believe the house lights went on at the end of the song. Truly sh*tty ending.

At the last show of the October run at MSG, the band was on FIRE, ending with a version of Vertigo that kept going and going. We all left that show wondering if we had smoked crack and ended up in some parallel universe. Tonight's show was the exact polar opposite. Total let down.

BTW, as an aside...has anyone else been disappointed with the lighting during Where the Streets Have No Name on this tour? The flood lights don't come blasting on at the start of the song like they always have been on every other tour. Just a thought...

Despite my rantings, I think it's safe to also say that there's nowhere else on the face of the Earth I would have rather been last night than at the Garden.

Thanks boys, for nine dream-out-loud shows!

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