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by dj

This was my third MSG show and I hate to say this but this was the worst. Bono's voice sounded terrible for the most part of the show. He croaked during Electric Co. He pulled it out for Sometimes--a spine tingling song if there ever was one--and after Miss Sarajevo, his voice started to sound stronger. Highlights: City of Blinding Lights, Streets, Sometimes, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Beautiful Day, MLK, Stuck in a Moment. Everything else was pretty boring. Same old, same old. Until the End of the World and Mysterious Ways--two of their greatest songs in my opinion--were so awful. The whole Coexist bandana thing and Bullet enough already. We've all seen it, heard it. How can they play the same thing over and over again, night after night, and not get bored themselves? And those snippets of other songs within the U2 songs? Do it once, it sounds cool and unique. Do it a thousand times and its not so special any more. The Vetigo tour has been a big disappointment. I still dream about The Elevation tour, cried every night I saw it. I wanted to like this tour, but, all in all, I cant say that it moved me the way the Elevation tour did. And no 40? Bad? Their last night in New York and they end with a weird reprise of Instant Karma? Talk about leaving a bad taste in my mouth

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