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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by kstad

it was my third time seeing them on the tour and it was a great show with one exception the ending. it was like watching an accident. im sure i wasnt the only one standing there, as the lights came on thinking: what just happened? i felt a little cheated. i mean this was my third show, but if had been my first, id be a lot upset. im still trying to figure out that happened at the end there. Patti Smith looked totally out of it. not a fan at all, and the spitting needs to stop!

still, Bono was great. there was a little strain in his voice and you can hear the toll the tour is starting to take on it. i only noticed this from seeing them back in may, and hearing the difference. Larry was doing a lot of smiling and waving, The Edge was awesome! and Adam, was really getting into it and smiling a lot. you can tell they love playing new york, and new york loves U2. there were many highlights, one in particular was during the singing of WTSHNN the crowd went nuts! everyone was singing so loudly, you couldnt even hear Bono. at the end of the song, everyone was screaming and clapping so loudly, it was deafening. i felt the sound was coming from inside my head out. i mean it was really the loudest, longest roar of a crowd i have ever experienced. i thought the roof of the garden was going to blow off. even Bono, was just walking around the eclipse in awe. after it finally died down, he said: wow, that was crazy!
even with the crazy ending, i loved the show and cant wait to see them again. so, whens the next album?

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