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by Suzanne

It was great! I was right against the railing (outside the ellipse) and got a really good look at all of them, especially when Bono took his glasses off during "Tough". Bono was really full of energy getting his grove on - especially running around while chasing Edge during "Until the End of the World".

The ending was a bit strange. The last song was "Instant Karma", then U2 walked off stage. People were chanting "U2, U2, U2" and they finally came back on, only to continue the song for a short time, and then it was all over. I think Bono helped Patti Smith off stage, and then suddenly U2 disappeared. I was sure they'd come back on stage, but then the lights came up.

I was sorry not to hear Larry's little 'drum solo' at the end, which I saw at 2 other shows this year. I really like John Lennon's work, but I wish they would have finished the show with one of their own songs!

Abrupt ending, to say the least, but regardless, U2 delivered a great show!

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