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by Dallas

Ahhh, the final night for U2 in MSG/NYC on this tour!! Given that the fans were notified that the show would start earlier tonight, I was hoping that we would get some rare nuggets. Also, that it was the one-year anniversary of the album release, I thought for sure they would stray off from their set-list.

Well, despite all of that, no big surprises. I've been fortunate to catch U2 several times this tour, in Jersey and at MSG. I caught them on Monday night, my birthday, and it was the best U2 show I have ever seen. I almost didn't go tonight because I couldn't imagine a better show than Monday's, and I wanted to remember them like that until the next tour (whenever that may be!).

I felt that Bono's voice was off, not hitting most of the notes he usually does. Also, Edge seemed like he was just going through the motions towards the end of the show. I imagine that these guys are tired after a long tour so far, night after night, really, the hardest working band in the business. So, given that, it's understandable.

It's interesting to read these reviews. So many different opinions - some say it was an amazing show, others that it was ok, others that it was less than ok. But, all the reviews I've read here are in agreement that the ending was weird, and quite a let-down. For the last night in NYC for this tour, the City of Blinding Lights, the best fans in the world, U2 should have ended better, period. Instant Karma? Sure, a great song, but not even theirs. And, not even a full-band thank you, as I've seen them do every time ever!! Something was really off - whether it was Patti Smith in whatever condition she was in, or the band being tired, who knows.

Still, many of the songs were electrified and powerful. It would be nice to hear "In G_d's Country" or "One Tree Hill" or "Ultraviolet" or "Two Hearts" or "Stay" or "Desire" or "Surrender" or "Gloria", or, especially here, "New York"...just something different for the last night in NYC.

Seeing U2 as many times as I have this tour, it's always a treat. It's such a natural high. Infact, they're kinda like pizza. You never really have "bad" pizza. Some pizza is really good, some is not so really good, and some is awesome. Tonight's pizza, um, well, it was just ok.

Overall, however, it was a joy to see them this tour. I think I safely speak for the 20,000 on hand last night that we all just wish it ended on a better note. Yet, they are the best band in the world, and I'm sure will continue to be. They do things that no other band in history has done. I suppose they are victims of their own success, because U2 fans expect amazement just about every time we see them. This one was just somewhat amazing. Nonetheless, thanks to Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam, and all those behind the scenes, who make these concerts true events. Historic.

I'll always love pizza.


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