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by John Miller

Obviously, none of the people who wrote these posts were at the show last night from both this site and atu2.com.

The girl brought up on stage was on Bono's back as he finished mysterious ways, she wasn't carried around the heart. Not a big difference.

The set list, as I have it, was to end with the usual performance of '40', but it seemed as if the band was caught up with a pretty amazing energy. Instant Karma was awkward at times, but it was full of joy and a total sense of abandonment. Larry was smiling as Bono kept the crowd going, not really sure where Bono was taking them. I'm not sure why Bono walked off stage with Patty. She was fine. She was smiling, and she her voice was right on.

We kept singing and the came out right where they left off and it closed gloriously. It was the perfect ending.

In my opinion, U2 changed because of where the crowd was. 40 would have taken the energy right out of the building and left us quiet and reflective. Instant Karma left us, after reflecting all night, rejoicing in what we just refected on for the past 2 hours. Something really amazing happened last night.

I've been to over 40 shows and it was equal to or better than thier post 9-11 shows.

Five Stars. Way to go boys.

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