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by John

My 5th show this year in NYC , went Monday night also. Been going to see U2 shows since 97.

Found out from U2.com that show was moved up 7:30 , found that a bit strange so late in the game to move show up. Wondered how many people did not know this and missed beginning of the show. Was hoping since this was last show in NYC that maybe this meant extra songs at end , but as you all know, there were less songs then normal.

Skipped Patti Smith , do not want to get into a political discussion, but after hearing her thoughts on Iraq war on Monday night , decided did not need to see her again. Why did U2 have to bring her out for a song ? Let her do her opening and be done with her. U2 fans my age barely know who she is , let alone younger U2 fans. I am not sure if she had anything to do with the abrupt ending , but if she did even more reason for her not to have been in the show.

Show started great , lots of energy from the band.

Electric Co was great , started to love that song after seeing it in October show , I love the guitar playing and energy in that song.

Elevation was ok , but I do not think that is a strong enough song to be in every U2 show , I could do without it.

One is a great song , but I could do without that song also. Of course with One campaign , that song will always be in the set.

Streets was unreal , every U2 show I go to that song is the one where people get the craziest. It was awesome. Bono said "that was crazy" once song was over , thats how awesome it was.

Until the End of the World was great also , I was hoping to hear that one and got my wish.

A bit disappointed to see All Because of You omitted two nights in a row , I love that song.

Was hoping for a little more deviation from the set list , but no such luck. How bout a song like "Even better then the real thing " , that would be a good song for them to play.

I have no idea what happened at the end. Needless to say I was very disappointed in the end. I was hoping for more songs , not less. I saw Bono grab Patti Smith and go off stage , I thought that was planned. Then they came back for more. I figured they would play more songs after that. Could not believe show was over at that point. It was so abrupt. Have read many of the theories on what happened , but have no idea. I wish someone in the know would let us know what really happened. People pay top dollar for U2 tickets , they deserve some sort of explanation.

Show was great , end was a bummer. I have been to shows where they played Vertigo twice , I love that. Bad the night before was great. To have the show end like that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Show was awesome though. U2 puts on such great shows that the bar is very high. For most U2 fans , it is a religious experience.

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