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by Rod

I have seen in concert U2 five times (three times during Popmart; two times during Elevation) in four Canadian cities. November 22/05 is likely the only time Ill get the opportunity to see them during this tour and may I add my first concert experience in NYC.

I would have to concur with most of the reviews posted here. This was the best performance I have ever seen from these guys. U2 were in top form (so what of the vocals were strained in a few spots). The band was evidently in good spirits and with good reason. What made the experience so unforgettable was the crowd. It was hard to tell whether you were in a concert a political rally or the finals or a latin American world cup soccer match (in terms of crowd response). At times the roar of the crowd was nearly deafening drowning out the band on numerous occasions sounds like a 747 taking off to quote Bono.

..If only a DVD could capture that kind of energy.

As for the ending of the showto be honest I didnt actually notice anything until much later when I was recollecting the set-list and realized they left out the standard closing song(s). I would have to agree that something must have occurred to cut the show a bit short. However, I would not classify it as an abrupt ending. They came back to do a reprise of Instant Karma waved and called it a night. An abrupt ending is when a performer walks of stage before the show (i.e., song) comes to a proper end. For example, during Bowies sound and Vision tour stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba something must have set him off half way through Modern Love (one of the last song of the evening) he grabbed his guitar, unplugged it and whipped it across the stage (almost decapitating the stage hand in the process) then walked off --- leaving the band starring at themselves in disbelief. Many people felt ripped off (I was one of them)

On the other hand the show on the 22nd was worth every cent of my hard earned Canadian coinage (airline, Hotel and concert tickets). No regrets. When it comes to major concerts, MSG is the place to be (bad acoustics and all..)


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