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by frank

The energy on MSG on Tuesday was amazing! 3/4 of the way into the show, it seemed like the garden was about to take off into space. During Streets, the garden was as loud as I could rememeber it. Bono commented that it was as loud as a 747 taking off and said something to the effect of "oh wow" after standing on the ellipse taking in the applause at the end of the song. When the show started I thought Bono sounded a bit hoarse and I thought he was ill; but he kept getting stronger as the show went on.

The setlist was to that point was identical to Monday's show except for Electric Co substituting for I will Follow. When the 1st encore began with Until the End of the World, I remember commenting that it was an amazing version - the Edge was on fire and the band was so tight. It was just awesome! Bono took a young girl out of the audience during Mysterious Ways and gave her a piggy back ride which was very cute. The band looked like - tired or not - they were having a great time.

Anyway, about the ending. They did cut the show short by a few songs; and when they did not do "The First Time" like they had on Monday, I figured they were making room for an extended ending which I was hoping would include All Because of you, Bad and 40. Then of course I was hoping they were going to throw in a surprise gem to signify the last NY show. Bono had commented about "8 shows at the Garden" during the show.

So, he introduces a song they had "tried once before" and started on Instant Karma; Patti Smith came out just like the night before. They seemed to be having a ball. Despite remarks to the contrary, when Patti was on the riser behind Larry, whatever she did seemed to make him laugh. I remember the camera shot of him and thinking how awesome it is that he has been playing for so many years and was still having the time of his life smiling and laughing like he was 20 years old again. Bono led Patti off the stage and I thought it was because she seemed a little out of it. I assumed the band would stay on stage and Bono would return for the last few songs. Instead, the band walked off with them and then came back out a few minutes later for what I assumed again was going to be the last SEVERAL songs. Keep in mind that it was 11:15 or so, and I thought we had a good 15- 20 more minutes to go - especially since they started early and it was the last night in NY.

When they came back with Patti, I was confused and they started Instant Karma again - and I was more confused. Then they just left. The place was still screaming for more - chanting U2 and fully expecting a return with some more U2 songs. Then after what seemed like a longer time than usual, the house lights came up. It was like someone stuck a pin in a balloon. The energy drained; as opposed to when people are leaving the garden walking down the steps still singing "HOW LONG. . ." People were grumbling about it being a strange way to say good bye to NY after 8 shows.

All that being said, I will say that there was no other place that I would rather be on Tuesday Night that at the garden with U2! Thanks guys!!

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