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by RichardG_UK

Had an amazing show!!
Have to mention the dissapointing ending though... yawn
My brothers never had a life and is currently in jail hence BAD means so much to me and I wish it had finished the set although it`s crazy to even contemplate the higher state of elevation that would have left me in.
They always say a U2 concert can change your life and it can... if you believe it can. The pilgremage I made to New York was an interesting one.. A scalper outside nearly ruined my life, a guy called Robert saved it, a group called U2 changed it... a guy called Steve provided the edge I needed, a guy called Marty made it all make sense and a wonderful woman called Jenny made the whole thing happen.. I thank you all graciously and from the bottom of my heart. X Peace, love, trust, tolerance, friendship and respect. Rich

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