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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by nremt78

This is the first concert I've ever been to & I must say that it was a life altering experience. I'm from a small state called De-la-where? & live in what I call a "bubble town" that people from here don't get to experience things like this in a lifetime. And when I tell them about this concert, they don't get it...its kind of funny to me...anyway, I saw U2 on 11/22/05 at MSG, w/ GA tickets & low & behold, got picked for the elipse...it was such a mind-blowing experience & was worth every penny that I paid for these tickets. I got excellent pictures & was as giddy as I could be; to be in their presence...I couldn't help to cry at some of the songs...& no I didn't act like a retarded balling fan trying to break down the fence...but yeah, I did get teary eyed...especially when they walked out on stage...and to see them, is soooo surreal to me...I'd do it again in a heart beat...and if God came down today & asked me what moment in time would I like to return to?...my instant response would to go back to that night...If this post ever gets to that band, I just wanna say..thank you...your music has inspired me & has been a huge part of every step I've taken in this life...each song had reminded me of a time or an experience in my life...and I'm grateful beyond words that God has blessed you with this gift to share w/ the world...and thank you for putting your money where your mouth is with your charity efforts....ROCK ON!!!!!

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