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by John

Tonight's show was solid U2. I saw them on 5/18 at Continental and that was a great show, full of surprises (a young band named the Bankrobbers were brought on stage). How did MSG compare? If not for some changes in this leg I would pick Continental BUT I can't pick a favorite now because I thought it was a tie (my wife favored Continental). What made it a tie for me? It was the change in the encores and some additional acoustic numbers. My highlight was Miss Sarajevo. I love all the U2 anthems (Streets, Vertigo, Elevation, etc.) but something so melodic and soft can evoke the same power as the classics. I mean come on, Bono is going to sing Pavorati's part? BUT HE DID!!! Such power of his voice. The crowd gave a cheer after his solo, everyone I think was just stunned. That's power and why U2 are international superstars. A couple of notes: why do people have to chat through some numbers? Can I hear Stuck, First Time, SYCMIOYO,..without hearing the jerk next to me giving baseball updates to his wife. Have some respect for the people around you but also the band you came to see. Secondly, alot of us do not smoke and I wish the MSG people would enforce their no smoking rules because after an hour into the show your eyes are burning. But on that little aside, I want to say that it was a good, solid show.

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