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by Nicole

Early in the show, Bono howled, "This is gonna go off tonight!"

It did.

Despite a handful of technical difficulties (video screen problems, some weird thing that happened with the articles of human rights video/audio--it jumped onto the screens suddenly in the middle of article 3, etc.), the boys really brought it.

There was a looseness about the band tonight, which did lead to some wonky transitions between songs and flubbed lyrics, but I think it improved the show - humanized it, big shows like this are always in danger of getting overproduced, feeling a little too slick and erecting a wall between the performer and the audience. Absolutely not the case here, and I hope it never is with this band.

They also seem to have found a more comfortable setlist than the first leg. Songs worked well together, pretty good flow, and great new additions. There were plenty of tight, incredible, blazing moments...but the friendly vibe made for some funny non-sequitors from B, great little stories...they just seemed generally relaxed and happy. At the end of the tiny IALW outro to Beautiful Day, Bono sang some completely unrecognizable verses, looked to Edge for help, then explained, "I've never read the lyrics!" Thre was so much love in the room, perfection was not necesary to impress this crowd.

The overwhelming feeling of love that those four men and their instruments create can literally fill an area. And last night, the crowd caught it and sent it back 18,000-fold. Love for this city, for the music, for each other...there was a phenominal vibe in the room. The sing-alongs were utterly goose-bump inducing.

Some (more) high points:
-Bono does the Pavarotti opera verse of Miss Sarejevo. He sounded incredible. Incredible.

-The three fans pulled up - The first guy attemped to initiate a UTEOTW bullfight, and somehow eventually Bono ended up sort of slow dancing with him. The second girl was sassy as hell, shakin' it for all she was worth, and taunting Bono during Fast Cars - that was great. The WOWY girl just sort of held on and tried not to have a meltdown, I think.

-The Edge, The Edge, The Edge.

-Lots of talk from Bono, including the heretofore untold "true" story about how Edge joined the band: Apparently he is a "spaceman from the future," and arrived in Dublin by spaceship. For the first time, I shall recreate that exclusive story here in print.

[Edge is playing the notes of the intro to Miracle Drug]
Bono: Those of you who watched Conan O'Brien last night saw The Edge dressed as a spaceman. The reason he looked so good dressed as a spaceman is that...he is a spaceman.

Beautiful notes...these beautiful notes...this is the sound that The Edge's spaceship made as it landed on the north side of Dublin. Larry, Adam, and I stood and watched it land, and then the door opened, and out walked this extraordinary-looking man. Larry said, "Who are you?" He said, "I am The Edge." [Big crowd cheer, Edge is shaking his head] Adam said, "Where are you from?" He said, "I'm from the future." I said, "What's it like there, on your planet in the future?" He said, "Better."

Hilarious...and, beautiful, just beautiful.

I can't believe my run of shows for this tour is over...Thanks to everyone in MSG for the vibe, for the four folks in front of me who rocked out so hard and made it that much more fun, and to the best band in the world. Slainte.

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