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by The Wedge

First time at "The Garden" - wow, a great show. The stage effects were stripped down which was nice; you focused on the music rather than the show. The band was very tight, not a lot of "preaching" from Bono - just rock-n-roll. What I liked was the words from the UN displayed on the screen relating to human rights, torture, freedom, etc. It was very moving to see these words combined with rock music. I've seen U2 many times but I have NEVER seen an entire crowd sing along to every single lyric - at times overpowering Bono. I've never experienced that before. U2 loves New York and NYC loves U2! What a great show. The band was tight, the music was good, the political statements would have made anyone with a heart proud. I've never experienced a crowd like this so in touch with a band - ever. It was a good time behad by all!

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