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by Phil K

Over the years going back to Zoo TV, I've had many of my friends ask me how I can go to see the same concert by the same band over and over for each tour. I admit to them that it's true that many of the elements of a U2 show are the same night in and night out. Segments are choregraphed much in the same way of a Broadway musical. However, no matter how similar shows and setlists are, there are always differences that make each show wonderfully unique.

My wife was with me for both shows at the Garden this weekend. We met after Elevation wrapped so this tour has been her first experience to 'do' a U2 tour. These were her 2nd and 3rd shows this year and prior to the show, she wondered the same thing. 'We only have 2 nights to spend in NYC up from Dallas and we are seeing the same show both nights?' Well, she learned first hand how cool it can be to see U2 two straight nights. Fantastic changes to the setlist that brought rarely played gems such as All I Want is You, Wild Horses and Original of the Species. The Gavin Friday 'Happy Birthday' phone call bit. Bono chastising a fan in the front row of the ellipse for talking on his cell phone during a song. Edge's guitar woefully out of tune prior to playing Wild Horses, prompting
Bono to joke about how professional a production this is. Mary J Blige joining the band for One. Bono bringing up the Sikh gentleman from the crowd during With or Without You in a fitting example of Coexist, in what Bono referred to at the 'City of Coexist'. And while somewhat disappointing but different still, how little time the band spent on the catwalk compared to the night before.

Tonight's show was yet another great performance. Saturday night, U2 at MSG? Is there anything better. While I felt the band had more energy Friday night, the Saturday setlist was better. The Ocean just does not seem to connect on this tour--but All I Want is You in replacement was just awesome. This was my 6th Vertigo show and I had yet to hear Original of the Species. I got my wish and it was worth the wait. Just incredible. I understand they cannot retire some of the U2 standards as the majority of folks see U2 once a tour in their city and they deserve to hear the hits...but I'd love to hear every HTDAAB song live. They have translated so well live. Great that the third legs shows are coming in at nearly 2 1/2 hours too.

Well, sadly I only have one show left in my Vertigo experience which has taken me to the West Coast to the East Coast in the US and all the way to Munich, Germany as well...fitting the my last show is in my own backyard here in Dallas.

Phil K

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