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by michael mitchell

Ever since I very first heard "City of Blinding Lights" and heard the story behind the song (based on New York show after Sep 11)..I've ALWAYS wanted to see the lads in the big apple.

Well tonight it happened, and I was nothing short of Amazing!! I owe so much of it to the great New York crowd!! best crowd i've seen of all six U2 shows i've been too. Everyone from the floor to the highest section was dancing singing....i loved it!

"For the First time" was a beautiful highlight. I LOVE the way they do it accoustically.
Bono seemed a little ticked off this evening though...especially when he went nuts over that guy talking on his cell phone. It was good to see him apologize later. :)

another humerous part was during "Bullet the Blue Sky" when Bono (with his blindfold on) complelty missed the microphone when trying to walk up to it and the tech guy had to jump on stage and move his arms towards it. He probably felt a little embarresed i'm sure.

gosh the FUNNIEST part though was after picking 2 girls up during with or without you, he drags this wild looking guy with a turben and a giant beard on stage. the entire crowd starting laughing and cheering. That guy was awesome!! Congrats to whoever you are.

Got three more Vertigo shows to see...curious if they'll top this one.

(Nashville, TN)

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