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by Greg

October 8th was my 10th show since the ZooTV tour. I've always been lucky with U2 tickets--floor/GA for all their tours BUT getting into the inner-circle and being front and center two people back from the rail of the main stage--AMAZING.

It was truly a mind-blowing experience. I felt like I was at my own private show. Not sure if I'll be able to express this properly but for me Saturday night wasn't about the sound quality, the lights, the setlist etc. It was about actually feeling the energy of the band. Making eye contact. Hearing Bono's unamplified voice when he asked us to help him think of the word "midwife". Seeing Bono one step away from falling off the raised stage as he walked blind-folded towards the microphone--only to be saved by a stagehand. Having The Edge smile at us because we were watching him while Adam and Bono were walking the ellipse. Witnessing Bono's 2" platform shoes.

All these little details are what made this show so special for me.
It makes me smile every time I think about it!

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