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by Rebecca

Once again, a simply amazing show. My brother Scott and I have seen U2 five times (PopMart, Elevation, and Vertigo MSG in May) and we have never had the opportunity to see them from the floor. We were fortunate enough to obtain GA tickets for our sixth U2 show. While enduring the NYC wind and rain, our anxiety built as we hoped one of our tickets would scan "Vertigo". Unfortunately, they did not, but we were lucky enough to get just left center of the ellipse two rows deep. Great spot! Surprisingly, Keane proved to be quite a solid opening act. U2 was absolutely on top..right from the glittering COBL to spiritual 40. It is very sad to read reviews commenting on Bono's voice in a negative way...listen to Miss Sarejevo and be the judge. Too bad that some of these reviews come from "fans" who have been lucky enough to have seen (or are going to see) this show more than once. These four men have nothing to prove, yet they still hit the stage with the same urgency and want to win you over attitude as if they were an opening act. Enough said.

As we did in May, my brother and I stood outside the Garden hoping to catch another glimpse of the band. Bono's SUV was first to roll out and he smiled and waved to the small gathering. Adam's limo rolled by next and he did the same. About 25 mins. later another limo came out and stopped. Out came The Edge with a smile. He walked over shook hands with everyone and signed autographs. Another surreal moment. Keeping in mind that it was rather chilly out and a bit damp, Edge still was gracious enough to step out into the elements and greet the fans...a true class-act.

Great to be apart of the voices who sang Happy Birthday to Gavin Friday, witness the true gospel that Mary J. Blige brought to One, Original of the Species ringing in my ears, and chanting along with "how long to sing this song" out onto 7th Avenue.

Sorry I have rambled on...enjoy the pics though, and thank you very much to the nice couple from Kentucky who stood in front of us in the GA line, the kindhearted fans in front of, beside and behind us on the floor, and thank you to the greatest band that any of us will ever hear or see in our lifetime. Take care.

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