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by Greg

This was my second night seeing U2 on the Vertigo tour (and also my second U2 show ever). At first the show started off great. Great seats, Keane was an awesome opening act, etc. However, I noticed that Bono's voice was kinda rough around the edges, and it only got worse as the night went on. Also, there wasn't half as much energy in the band as there was when I saw them in May. And although I have nothing against Mary J. Blige, "One" is U2's song, and should be played by U2 only. What topped it all off for me was when Bono completely lost it with a fan who was talking on his cell phone. It was obvious that they were tired that night and that they needed a well-deserved break. I'm grateful for the chance to have seen them again, but this show left alot to be desired.

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