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by Brian Prushik

This was my second concert this tour. Overall the crowd was excellent and seemed to carry Bono when his voice suffered. My luck I always seem to get Zoo Station, as this is my least favorite song in concert. On the plus side, I enjoyed the Bad/ 40 encore as it truly made the night memorable. Bad was great as usual and 40 was special. I was surprised that the encore was as long as it was as Bono's voice was really, really laboring at the end.

Other highlights for me were Miss Sarejevo, I Will Follow and Electric Co. Like the previous reviewer, I was amazed Bono hit the notes almost flawlessly on Miss Sarejevo. But once again, he suffered during Pride and it was painful to watch. He did recover as Streets was flawless.

I would have loved to have heard, the First Time, Crumbs or Fast Cars but overall I loved the experience. I have seen them in the Meadowlands and the Garden. There is nothing like them in the Garden. I wish I was going again this tour.

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