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by JoeB

Firt off, thank you to everyone who has posted their reviews of this tour. They have been a joy to read.
The thing about live shows is that everyone's perspective can be so incredibly different. If you want a perfect crisp listen to a CD. Live shows are always going to be a little imperfect at times but I think thats what make a live show fantastic! Yes, Bono did lose his voice during Pride. Yes, he was off a bit during WOWY, but thats what happens during a live show. This was still an amazing show, by an amazing band playing an emotional, and intense show for 2.5 hours. Bono doing opera, hearing classic tune after calssic tune, new and old. What an amazing night. Sure, I could nit-pick some parts that were not perfect, but that is what make a live show great, and unique. Ending with BAD and 40 blew me away! Between sets, many people in my section were chanting "Let's go Yankees!"

The real frustrating part of the U2 experience is the difficulty in getting tickets. I was one of the first people at my TIcketmaster and I was turned away because all 7 U2 shows were sold out in minutes. However, within 24 hours there were almost 1,000 tickets for sale on ebay and thousands more at various ticketbrokers. Very Frustrating!

Had a fantastic experience, and I cannot wait till they come back in November!

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