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by Ron D

Oh My God.

I think I just stopped crying. I just got back from the show and it was unbeleivably moving. I thought the list of the lost Firefighters on the blue screen at last nights show (sec 133) was the saddest i could feel but tonite (sec 326)...

About 20 fireman got on stage for "Walk On", and just would not get off. They basically forced U2 to play "out of control" as a third encore.

The fans gave the fireman what seemed like 20 minutes of constant cheering. It was a beautiful outpouring.

Early on Bono fell down on the runway near the tip, and when Edge played his way over to him, Bono started Kicking the Guitar, so the edge used this rhythmic, repeated kicking to improv a jam It seemed very authentic.

At the end of "Still Haven't Found..." Bono during an extension of the ending segment points out a fan, and THROWS THE WIRELESS MIC TO THE GUY!

Of couse I expected the guy to sing with the rest of us, but instead He makes a PROPOSAL for Marriage, to which the bride to be exlaims "Oh my God!!" and the crowd goes Wild!

Well, Thats one way to propose.

It was a Pleasure (capital P) to have a new song in the line up. And the Fan playing the keyboard did a great job. Thanks Guys.

All in All, I Loved it Again.

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