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by shadedpain4

Well another Elevation and i must say i didnt go into this one expecting a lot. Boy was i mistaken! The acoustic version of please was worth the price of admission alone (although for a split second i thought they were going to do love is blindness....how sweet would *that* be?!!). My seats were nothing to write home about. I was tucked all the way up at the back of sec 315, and ended up being the doorman all night. I must have closed that door to the outside area 50 times. Sheesh! anyways, the ending of the show was fabulous as well with the guys basically playing out of control in the midst of a big party on stage. Truly, this was a concert that needs to be *seen* to apprieciate. If anyone got this show on video, please let me know so i can aquire a copy. Tonight is my 7th and final elevation, in Nj. Wish me all luck and ill report tomorrow. lol look for me in section 118 in my white zoo tv shirt and LA dodger cap!

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