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by Christian

Ok first off let me say U2 Virgin here... I have never been to a show and from what I understand after what I saw it will be tough to live up to. Oh my god they were amazing.

So after waiting on for my guess is about 5 hours not bad I got the number 256 and my friend got 255. It was damn cold out there in front of MSG but as time went on and some quick runs to Dunkin Donuts... bathroom breaks all in preparation for this concert. Just wanted to say thanks to those in front of us probably numbers 240-255 you know who you are for providing the hours of entertainment... and chatting hope the concert treated you well.

The first dilemna of the night, IN the heart or OUT the heart? Well my friend suggested we go out and to the TIP of the heart. Who would have thought this choice turned out to be so great?!?! First off thank you to all the great fans around us there, I got no names but two girls around me got on stage and congrats to them hope the next concerts treat you well. And for the other two that fought off the crowd behind us from CT great chatting and for the fan tips! :)

Ok enough babble... back to the concert! It was amazing... obviously being new to the rules there were the warm up songs such as Sgt. Pepper which couldnt have gotten the crowd more keyed up! The right into Elevation oh my... never thought it would sound so good. And after rockin out to Beautiful Day the payoff came during Until the End of the World when Bono came to the tip to climb onto a little platform he gribbed my hand to help keep him on the platform and held it for nearly the entire time he blanaced on there while everyone else just touched his legs and shoes me and him were having a bonding moment! So I am sure I could go on about how cool that was and I am sure not every show will have this in for me but damn it was a great time!

I don't know how much more to say except that I thought the crowd was incredible, all of you in the stands were loud and we could hear you singing and all those dancing in GA... keep it going on!

As far as setimental shows go, I think that is what made it extra special with Bono hugging a flag... the list of passangers during One... and I never knew New York (the song as well as the city) would so great live blows away whats on the CD.

Lastly, from what I heard it was nearly unheard of for them to add another song after Walk On... but what do you know Out of Control and let me just say it nearly brought the house down.

To all the FDNY, NYPD, and EMS workers that walked the heart with Bono you are all in our hearts and thank you. Made the show truly memorable with all the tributes as well.

Thank you all for a great time... see you next time,

ps - if anyone knows how i could get a recording or video of this concert or photos please email me 'flash@escape.com' it will be much appreciated!

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