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by Damian

What can I saw about the show, unbelievable. Bono and co. were in the mood to sing and so was everyone else at the Garden. Setlist was still the same predictable self but as I said from the previous show I would still go to see them play the same songs. To me the show was pretty much the same as Thursday with the crowd enthusiasm etc except Thursday's show was better for Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday. It wasn't until the last song that made this place really special with Bono calling up the EMS, FDNY and the steelworkers. I was with a friend and we were both singing our hearts out for Walk On with tears coming down our eyes seeing the band and crowd paying tribute to these truly great people. Once they were finished singing the song no one in the Garden were going anywhere for a while. U2 came back in to play out of control and it was great to see the lads up there jamming with U2. It must have made their day being up there with the band. After that some firefighters made some great speeches. A few stuck in my mind. One firefighter said "if something like that ever happens again and we have to be in a situation where we have to give up our lives to save this city we are going to be there for New York City". This just showed us what great people these people are and Bono summarizing it earlier by saying "People magazine don't want rock stars on the front cover any more, they were firefighters, rescue workers., steelworkers etc and it's sad that it took them this long to realize it". Tonight's performance was great, the crowd were feeding off the band the whole night and were really into it, however I think that the last three songs was really really emotional for all there and with New York's finest on stage it just made everyone in the Garden realize (and what Bono said earlier in the evening) what a great city we live in.

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