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by Sean A.

Definitely the best U2 show of all time. Considering everything that's gone on and how tight U2 is performing, this will be looked upon as the pinnacle of their live career. The only concert I can imagine being better or more important would be their last one of all time. From reading the reviews, everybody has a genuine sense of how awesome this show was so there's no point to describe anything that happened. I just want to say this was my 15th Elevation show (including Slane and all other NY area shows) so I have an idea of what this band is capable of and they surpassed it on this night. They reached a level of emotion and intensity that's undescribable. The show also benefited from the fact that Bono didn't mention Africa once. He spoke about what's really in people's hearts. Feelings of despair and loss coming from the 9/11 tragedy, but also feelings of remembrance and hope that will pull us all through this time together. It's a shame that this show can't be the official video of the Elevation tour (i.e. Sydney for Zoo TV and Mexico City for Popmart). I know Boston was a decent choice for where to shoot the DVD, but there's a reason Bono, Larry, & Adam have homes here and that they wrote a song about this place. New York, U2, FDNY, NYPD - Truly the Best!!!

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