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by John M.

This had to be one of the most touching and exciting concerts U2 has ever performed. During Walk On, the band revealed the names of all those who died in the 3 flights, as well as police & fire personel who passed in the 9/11 tragedy ,it was hard to see many people pointing out friends or family that were lost on 9/11.The band was gracious enough to let about 30 NYPD, NYFD, and EMT personel into the heart during the concert, and bringing them on stage for the final 2 songs. One firefighter inparticular thanked U2 for allowing him to fulfill a specialmoment for his fallen brother, (who was a victim of 9/11, one of NY's Bravest)who dreamed of being a rock star. The band then included an unplanned version of Out of Control, in which Bono threw his green guitar into the audience. Thank you U2, the experience was more than a mere concert, it was a religous experience of sorts. Thank you U2, for not letting the world forget about the tragedies that plague this world.

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