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by Matjaz Erlih

They haven't made words to describe my feelings on this night. But I will try with those:
So, my first night with U2 and I was blown away. You don't need any substance to feel good, just open yourself and fall into the music and they will take you on a pure ride, and what a fast ride it was.
First minutes the crowd was amazed that U2 are on stage in a second just stood still an watched with opend mouth. I had my first push into it on the second song - I know a girl who's like the sea, the way he sreams flys me away and off I went along with the guitar riff oh yeah, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh What a way to Get on your boots, crowd going wild. In Magnificent, beuatiful opera piece from Miss Sarajevo and i felt like Bono was remebering Sarajevo concert, beautiful to see him in a feeling like this. Then came Beautiful day and the crowd gets a huge push to sing along, kept going with Elevation. Took the breath with One, whow, beautiful. And with first notes on Edge's guitar of Until the End of the World, my mind was off to the sky, its such a powerful song to me, unbelievable, I know its about Jesus and Judas, but i see it as a story betwen two lovers, and the guitar blows me away, such a feeling in this song, I almost lost my voice in the air from screaming the lyrics, for a moment I didn't know where was Love love love love love part wow, I came back from the feeling after a few words of Happy Birthday to Edge and fell on a gentle cloud of Stay, beautiful song, one of my favourite gentle song of U2. Then a new song but I was still in a cloud of Stay, came down with Unforgettable Fire, first huge impression of the screen when it came down, before that I was so in the music that I didn't even pay the attention to the stage, which was awesom but I was there for the music, so the Fire was great, love the song and the line Stay in this time, stay tonight in a lie beautiful view, seeing Bono putting together an Irish flag and when he puts it into his back pocket, hardly remeber City Of Blinding Lights, had to take a huge breath after all that emotion that was going on over me. Than again a big push to the sky with Vertigo, whow how the crowd was flying away. I came back to the party with remix of I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, i loved this version, so much better than the one on the cd, and Larry with an african drum around the stage, nice to see him when I was dancing. Stood still and marching with my fist high in the air on Sunday Bloody Sunday. Almost lost my voice again In The Name Of Love. Toke a breath with MLK and walked with my mind on Walk on, great thing when people walked the stage with maskes of Aung San Suu Kyi for Aung San Suu Kyi. Got a push from reality back to the sky when walking Where the streets have no name, seeing Edge running around the stage, had to smile for him, he looked so into it. And again sang to him a happy birthday and Bono with champagne spilling over the stage anda toast to the Edge, incredible birthday party. Then a slight time out to relax and fell into a Ultra Violet dream, a had to scream Achtung Baby! on a start of the song and then sing it loud along, again blown away. Took a breath when came to With or without you, so much feelings in a line And you give yourself away, I gave so much of myself away that night, but I got so much more back that I can't explain here, I only feel it deep down in me. Said a good bye with Moment of Surrender and took a huge breath after the fly a had trough the whole show.
Really unbelievable feelings.
As for setlist for wich a read a lot over the media, I liked it, on stage like that, in a crowd like that everything and with a band like that everything is amazing, they make it that way.
As for my highlight it was absolutely Until the end of the word (this song and Bullet the Blue Sky, blows me away, and to be honest, I really hoped to hear one of them, and I went crazy when heard it, such a powerful song to me, woow), Pride with its scream In the name of love, that tooks me far away, and I really let my feelings fly, Ultra Violet (Achtung Baby is the cd that gives so much to me, so much energie all over it, and it felt live so amazing), Sunday Bloody Sunday, Unforgettable fire and I like Vertigo everyday more, especially live sounds so wild.
As for the new songs they sounded good in the sohw, blown away with No line on the horizon, remix I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, wow Beautiful line in Magnificent Only love, only love can leave such a mark. And with that, I will say good bye. Only music with so much love in it can leave such a mark.
Thank you U2 for so much love over the years and spreading it wide all over the world with your music and thank you for a night full of love to remember. It was a wild ride.
Loved it!

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