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by Shannon

This was the first time I had seen U2 in concert. I remember begging my mom for the twenty or so dollars the ticket would cost me and how I would find my own way to get to Toronto. I was only 14 and therefore didn't drive but somehow my 2 friends and I managed to get there. In fact, there was no stopping us-we HAD to see U2. Okay, this concert changed my life. From the moment they walked on to stage the hair on my arms stood on edge and I felt like I had been transported to another place where all you felt was joy. For the first time in my young life I knew what it meant when people talked about feeling the music in your soul. I felt each song to my core. I remember when Bono brought a guy up on stage to play Knockin on Heaven's Doors on the guitar and how he said it was just a few simple chords. I wonder where that guy is today and if he remembers it being the best night of his life getting to jam with the best! I remember them finishing with '40' and how walking out of the building and down the street right after everyone was still singing "how long to sing this song" over and over. That night is in me forever and whenever I tell people about my first U2 experience I feel like I was just there. I've never been to any concert (theirs or any other band) since that has been so pure.

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