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by Terry Elcock

19th September 1981 U2 & Demob Play at Stroud Marshall Rooms, Gloucestershire, England

I Hope Bono and the boys can remember this gig as all attendees on this night will remember what I am about to recall for U2.

The support band at this gig was an up and coming street punk band called "DEMOB" (I am the guitarist who has recently reformed the band www. Demobpunk.com).

On 19th September 1981 I met in the dressing-rooms, well mannered shy religious boys that you could see were destined for something good and we all got on well discussing the troubles in Ireland and the current street violence erupting in most major cities around the UK.

To my disappointment after having such good rapport on that night with Bono and Edge in the Marshall Rooms they were heckled and booed off stage by "Demobs" local followers when they tried to start their set.

Me and our drummer John Melfah had to get onto the stage and tell the audience calm down and to let U2 play as they had travelled a long way. I told the audience that they should give more respect to people that had spent time to learn and play their instruments and songs, this seemed to work with the audience and U2 went on to play a cracking set, that I certainly enjoyed.

How times can change Demob is still a struggling street punk band and yet we all know the rest is history for Bono and the boys.

Bono back in 1981 had strong views on current affairs and it is nice to see that through his platform in the music industry he is using it to try and make the world a better place good on you Bono.

Personal message for Bono: If you ever want to play in Gloucestershire again don’t forget your roots and give Demob 1st refusal to support you again, I`m sure we could negotiate a fair price.

Well done you’ve reached the heights in music we all hoped too back in 198, or "were we doing it just for fun?"

Terry Elcock


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