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by SamZeb

The DC show was incredible!!

I got outside the venue around 2:30 and I was told by the people in front of me that they had counted and were number 290, so I was excited about getting into the heart.

We waited and waited and nothing until 6:30 and we got inside and unfortunately I didn't get inside the heart, but I was front row right outside.

The show was GREAT. The crowd was pumped, and the band loves DC. Bono said "this city made us. Back when no one knew us, we played the Bayou downtown and 20 people showed...and we were only an opening act. Thank YOU for giving us this life!" . . . the crowd went wild!

I forgot which song it was during, but Bono and the Edge were out towards the tip of the heart and Bono said "This man could be flying spaceship right now...rather, he's in DC, wearing a #2 shirt and playing a Creamy White Les Paul...this man is the Edge." He then went on "the man who started it all out, and who has held us together. The one and only Larry Mullen Jr." And then he went on to say something about Adam, but I missed that part because someone yelled in my ear...

The setlist was great. The crowd really got to the band. Bono just stared out into the audience after the 2nd encore and very emotionally said "thank YOU."

Can't wait to see them tomorrow night!!!!

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