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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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Well, u2 rocked the house as expected....From the opening with elevation and beautiful day, the crowd got what they wanted already by hearing their newest hits.....it was great that they played many of their older hits, especially from joshua tree....the best song of the night had to be sunday bloody sunday, the crowd was into it, the crowd was singing when bono asked to, and it was just amazing....the intro to bullet the blue sky was inappropriate...first of all, at least 40 percent of these concert goers are in their early to mid teens, how do they know who this person is....and what the hell is going on, all this talk about guns....all i was thinking when this happened was, they are coming back, they are coming back, they are coming back....i would have rathered u2 played on for another half hour for the songs i didnt get to hear....especially THE SWEETEST THING....they did not play my favorite song, and i was thouroughly upset about that, because i just know it will be played the next night in DC.....overall, the lights, the music, the atmosphere was great and i will look forward to u2's next return to DC.....hopefully with an opening band not pulled from theh streets....pj harvey was awful

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