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by skinsfan1

Well last night was my fourth show this tour and it was simply incredible again. I will admit that the show did come in just a little short, and the fly wasn't played for some reason. But I haven't quite seen the emotion that Bono showed last night. He and the band were really into it. Bono was having a blast on stage it seemed, and the general admission crowd was nuts. I got to the arena at about 3 p.m. But didn't make it into the heart, but right outside the heart, to the left of the tip. And there couldn't have been a better location. All four members were just a few feet from us playing desire, and girl holding a sign saying it was her birthday, two people in front of me, caught Bono's eye as he kneeled down to her and sang the ground beneath her feet. I was within inches from him. Simply amazing. It does make the show that more mind blowing when your that close and in the middle of all these people going crazy. I've seen the show now twice from the stands and twice from the floor, and you really can't beat being on the floor. To some of the songs- the performances were great, the best I've seen. Ones that stand out were one of my personal favorites-Gone(Edge went on about a 30 second tear after when the song usually ends) I will Follow was great, Kite amazing, and of course Bad and Streets back to back is just unreal. My biggest surprise was Bullet the Blue Sky performance, towards the end of the song, Bono went off about how guns are killing America, and using the spotlight as gun himself. I have never seen the intensity that he displayed in that minuted span, from any performer. It was scary, but so awesome. I would love to hear a recording of it. Other posters said they didn't think the crowd got it, I think that they were just stunned to see how intense and pissed Bono was. It may be my greatest u2 moment. Well this show will rank 2nd for me on this tour, with the Pittsburgh show being the best, then this one, then Charlotte, then Philly (Philly was good but I think the crowd was more into the upcoming game 4 for the sixers than for u2). Once again the only reason this show wasn't the best was because it was a little short, but I wouldn't subistute it for the emotion displayed. Anyway, thats it, hope tonight's show is just as good, and thank you u2, you are without question, the best band in the world.

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