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by jim

Show #5 for me. I loved the excess of Popmart. The sensory overload of Zoo was amazing (especially Indoor). And the intimacy of Joshua tree was life altering.

I very much enjoyed Elevation. I had very high expectations going in and was somewhat worried that they would not be met. However, I am sooooo glad I went. There were parts of the show that reminded me why I love live music and why I have latched on to U2.

I thought I was an adult, passed the age of the mosh pit, but, as the band took the stage under full houselights and the pit began jumping in unison to Elevation I knew there is still a 20yr old locked inside me somewhere. I embraced that youth, reached for my wife's hand and lost myself in the moment.

As always Bullet was the highlight for me. I was ASTOUNDED at the cheers for Charlton Heston!! It saddened me to think that so many of the people in the venue had no clue what was being said. Edge's guitar and Bono's rant combined with the spotlight Bono used on the crowd was so effective at communicating the danger we face every day in this country. I do not agree with all of U2's politics, but I do agree that we don't need a foreign war to kill our youth. We are killing ourselves every day.

The sound was excellent and the production was subtle yet effective.

Bono thanked all of us for the great life he has. I thank him and his mates for bringing so much joy, anger, emotion and fun to mine.


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