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by megan

hey, this show was wonderful. first i must give love to pj harvey. she was amazing.a lot of poelpe dismissed her but she was very nice and was rocking about all over the stage. U2 and pj harvey are both favorites of mine (the others being nine inch nails and tori amos). u2 was just perfect. i was a little upset when about 85 % of the poeple around me started to sit during some slower and possibly not widely know songs like kite,in a little while, and the ground beneath her feet. i mean come on its freaking U2!!!! stand up!!! but bono got everyone up with old favorites. pride , i think, got the biggest response. everyone sang, and danced, and shouted the lyrics. they played my two favs , bad and kite so i was thrilled. bono told us the kite story and they played desire at the tip of the heart which was very cool. i was a little upset we didn't get the fly but that's not too bad. this was a great show even from possibly the worst seats( i was in the highest level but not behind the band which was good!) if you can go see U2 you must!!! byebye

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