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by Dave

Just want to add to the long list of accolades posted for this tour already. This is the only show I've seen on this tour, so I can't comment on the shortness of the set list - Of course there are other songs I would like to have heard, but wouldn't have subsituted any of those played for them...

Trying to think of something new to add. I guess is about the 50th concert I've been to, though only the second U2 show. I think I've been fortunate to see a lot of great bands of recent years @ the top of their game - Radiohead on the OK Computer tour, Pearl Jam on the No Code and Binaural tours, Jane's Addiction, Tom Waits at the Paramount in Chicago, Dave Matthews on the Under the Table tour w/ about 1500 people in the audience - but this blew them all away. The band did nothing wrong and the energy was just incredible. Someone early said that these songs were not meant to be played by 40yo people, but I argue that the performances were much more mature and meaningful, now that they have had time to reflect on their work. Many subtleties about the show I thought were incredible - the pulsing shadows on the scrims during New YOrk for example. The cameras focusing on everyone's hands during Stuck in a Moment. Well thought out, well-performed and just amazing to be present. I think the opening of Streets will be one of my favorite concert moments of all time.

I think I'll leave it at that. Cast another vote for them as the best band in the world.

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