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by Sean (Raw must read this one!)

I agree with most of what "Raw" said in his review. I was initially happy to hear that U2 were playing older classics as "Sunday Bloody Sunday." But, last night led me to believe that the band has left these songs behind (no pun intended); those songs are no longer who U2 is. The instrumental intensity was there, but Bono's demeanor on the older songs was merely to shuffle right to left and stroll along the catwalk. I'm sorry, but if you are going to play "Sunday Bloody Sunday" you have to do it with reckless abandon, leaving the audience convinced you are on the verge of passing out when you're done. That said, "Bad" was as passionate as ever - but, what's Bono doing with a guitar for "I Will Follow?" Let's have some respect for historical precedent...

The real gems of the night were "Gone", "Stuck In a Moment" and "Walk On." As the sage-like Raw rightly decrees, POP is a vastly under-rated record - a record that was unfairly done in by a lame tour. I would have liked to have heard the new supposedly stripped-down version of "Discotheque", as well "The Fly",a song that defines U2 in the 1990's. Also, do we really need to see Bono run around the stage one more time against red lights for "Streets" or wallow away an encore doing "With or Without You?" Let's put some bite in it fellas; here's hoping we hear "11 O'Clock Tick Tock" tonight. Cheers !!

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