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by NPR

Although the show was most enjoyable, both U2 and myself have mellowed with age. I just didn't get the same feelings that i used to get when I went to shows during the Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby tours. That said, the show was a good time, although I thought the setlist was short compared to other setlists on this site. But, after two hours my old body was worn out anyway.

U2 must RETIRE Sunday Bloody Sunday. Listening the that song last night was like watching Cal Ripken play....There is a time for great things to go...First, the song was played a whole note lower than it used to be...It always irks me when the band lowers the key of the song to accomodate Bono's aging throat. If you can't keep the key, stop playing the song. With that, and the slower tempo, it was like listening to Under a Blood Red Sky on a turn table, but slowing down the speed. IT WAS PAINFUL.

With that said, it was still an enjoyable night, but I probably wouldn't pay the $133 to see them again on this tour.

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